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Our creed: "Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future-One Family at a Time" strongly reflects our philosophy of funeral service. We are very people oriented and "up close and personal." We believe in celebrating life, and that every life, no matter one's ways or means, should be honored in death. We believe that, in death, as in life, all are equal, and we could care less how much money you have, what your clothes look like, or what kind of house you live in. We respect and honor all religious backgrounds and creeds or lack thereof.

We find ourselves in a position of extreme trust and honor when you call on us for your death care needs. We are not salespeople, nor do we take advantage in any way of your grief and vulnerability. We are honest to a fault, and we meet you just as we find you--reaching out with open, compassionate hearts to help guide you through this difficult process. If we don't know you initially (a rarity), we will know you by the time you spend unique, quality time with us. We are so unbelievably honored when you call on us, that we will bend over backward to accommodate your every need, and plan a "sendoff" completely appropriate to your choosing, whether that is "high church formal" or "bluegrass band casual." Our prices are lower than most of our competitors, and we work hard (and personally as the owners) to keep expenses to a minimum while providing you maximum service.