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"Honoring the Past - Embracing the Future - One family at a time"

At Holland Funeral Directors, we pride ourselves in being friendly, engaging citizens of our community and people who feel "called" to this ministry among our fellow brothers and sisters. All of us could be doing other work (and many of us do have other pursuits), but this is what we are called to do: to be the face of Christ to hurting people who have lost a loved one. We have no magical answer that will take away your burden of grief and loss, but we will overwhelm you with kindness and love, and we will do it with remarkable economy.

We work not only for you, but with you, and we take seriously and reverently the high calling for which we are gifted and blessed. It is the highest of honors when you call on us to help you build a bridge from death back to life. And we will stay with you long after the funeral service. This is not simply a business, nor is this a job to us. It is our providential calling to treat you just like our family, for that is exactly what will happen if you choose us to be your funeral service providers.

Statement from Steve Holland regarding gifting of the Holland Funeral Directors-Nettleton Facility to the Town of Nettleton.

Mom (Judge Sadie Holland) and I have been blessed beyond words by countless thousands of families who have put their trust and confidence in us at the time of their loved ones deaths. We have grown to passionately love the families we are honored to serve. That will never change nor be compromised. We are now serving 300 families per year-a powerful endorsement of the spiritual ministry we have been gifted to steward.

My health has been greatly compromised the last 3 years and, while I feel great and literally work 60-80 hours every week , I am realizing my limitations in my 6th decade. We dearly love the people of Nettleton and have deep roots here. Mom was the first female Mayor here in l979 and I have been privileged to represent the people of Nettleton in the Mississippi House of Representatives for over 30 years. I have come to the point that I must prioritize my time and my talents. The Nettleton Chapel has served a positive purpose. It is one of the hallmark historical preservation projects in this area in many years, and has literally “defined” downtown Nettleton. We are proud of the building and the people who have supported us, and those who haven’t for the matter. A collective decision was made regarding how the Nettleton facility could best be utilized. After being approached by the Nettleton Library Friends group about Thanksgiving, consultation with my financial advisors, family and staff but, most importantly, from the perspective of what we could best do with this property to serve our fellowman, we have concluded this 6000 square foot facility in the heart of downtown would be a fabulous location for a Public Library, a central seat of learning for generations to come of Nettleton citizens, especially the youth.

It is with gratitude that the Holland Family and our staff deed this historical location on December 31, 2016 to the present and future citizens of Nettleton as a site of honor, pride, resourcefulness and education for years to come. Our Okolona and Tupelo funeral homes can serve any of your death care needs and will remain strong and viable in the Holland family for many years to come.

God has richly blessed us and we are most honored to gift back to folks we have always loved and respected a great part of this town’s history as a part of our legacy and our commitment and gratitude we’ve always shared for our Nettleton friends.

May learning be available throughout the ages in this locale for the edification and enrichment of all mankind.